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Special Invitation To QA Professionals

IMG_8166-300x200We would like to acquaint you with the Quality Assurance Association (QAA). This is an organization of professionals from wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, laboratories, government, suppliers, and others.

The QAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and training related to the quality of Private Label products.

QAA was founded in 1988 on the vision of Herb Pease Sr. and the help of eight other individuals. He believed that he could spark interest in a new professional association devoted to quality excellence in the private label industry by bringing a group of people together for a Quality Assurance Seminar. As a result of these efforts, the Quality Assurance Association was presented during the 1989 Private Label Manufacturers’ Show, in Rosemont, Illinois.

The following points are offered to provide a top-line view of the QAA:

  • Information: Through our newsletters and conferences, members receive practical information about products, testing and regulations affecting the private label industry.
  • Networking: QAA provides multiple opportunities to share information and experiences with like-minded professionals.
  • Training: The ability to meet workplace challenges and maintain the highest levels of technical expertise in today’s fast-paced world is one of our biggest challenges. At our technical conferences, you will gain the most current information available. The speakers who are invited to our conferences are all industry or government experts who can provide insights into today’s issues affecting your job.
  • Focus: The focus of QAA is on industry-specific information and professional connections to help gain the resources to find Solutions.

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We invite you to become a part of this dynamic industry and this dynamic association of Quality professionals!